Lucha Underground – Week 12 Power Rankings

Lucha Underground, Wrestling

The last episode of Lucha Underground was action-packed from top to bottom. The show began with the introduction of Killshot as an actual character with an in-ring style and backstory that meld together wonderfully. Personally, I, like Matt Striker, have always been a fan of Killshot and am very happy to see him given a more active job than “glorified jobber”. I can’t help but be interested in where this military backstory is going to take us and am absolutely in love with his new, absolutely devastating finisher.

From there, we saw the debut of Daga in a hotly contested match with Texano. One of the things I love about Lucha Underground is that they’re never afraid to reference other promotions and they used to good effect in building the long-standing rivalry between Daga and Texano in AAA. That history immediately builds interest in the pairing and gives us a reason to care beyond “I like or dislike Texano”. Going into the match, we knew almost nothing about Daga. After it was over, Dage became a character I care about and that’s thanks to Matt Striker and Vampiro’s excellent commentary.

And the show ending with an incredible Trios match between the teams of Cage, Johnny Mundo, and Taya and Dragon Azteca Jr., Rey Mysterio, and Prince Puma. It was a hard-hitting, high-flying affair between some of LU’s most gifted in-ring technicians. I was particularly impressed with the work of Cage and Dragon Azteca Jr. Mysterio was a little sloppy early, but even he quickly locked in and demonstrated why he’s the best-known luchadore in the history of the business. Expect big things for all six contestants in the coming weeks.

10) Killshot (1-2)

As mentioned above, I love that Killshot has an actual character. Up until this point, he’s simply been a good hand. Someone they could bring in to put on a great, competitive match that got his opponent over. I don’t know if they have “big plans” for Killshot, but I’m ecstatic that the Killshot character is being given some room to grow.

9) The Mack (1-2)

Nothing for The Mack this week. He just stays on the list because he’s my personal favorite character on the show and had a great match in week 11. Moving on.

8) Fenix (3-2)

Like The Mack, Fenix wasn’t on the show this week. His early season run as one of the front-runners seems to have cooled quite a bit in recent weeks. I’m still really high on his ability, I just wonder where he fits into the current storyline. If I was betting, I’d say he latches onto a Trios team to keep him in front of the viewers while they figure out how to move forward with his singles story.

7) Cage (2-2)

Cage had a great showing this week. He was sold as a monster that no sold almost every move. Some people get annoyed by things that, but I thought that it was a great move if you’re trying to build up a gigantic babyface to take on Matanza. There simply isn’t a wrestler as physically impressive as Cage and it would be a mistake to not put him in a program with Lucha Underground’s resident Monster at some point in the near future.

6) Mil Muertes (2-1)

Muertes’ involvement was pretty minimal this week. He had a vignette that mostly consisted of Catrina talking. Which is pretty par for the course with those two. Muertes kills people and Catrina talks/licks them to death. Will the tradition continue when Muertes meets Matanza for the title? We’ll find out.

5) The Unlikely Trio (Ivelisse: 5-1, Son of Havoc and Angelico: 3-1) Trios Champions

I would really like to see The Unlikely Trio at ringside at some point during this Trios Tournament. You know, scouting their next opponent and whatnot. It’s a little detail that I think adds a sense of legitimacy to the proceedings. And that’s how you fill a post for a team that did nothing this week.

4) Rey Mysterio Jr. (1-0)

I said Rey looked a little sloppy in my intro and I think it’s worth mentioning again. He lightly botched (by which I mean no one was hurt) a few early moves and just generally didn’t look crisp. It obviously wasn’t a huge detriment to his week, but I can’t help wondering how well he’ll hold up when he ultimately moves into a singles program.

3) Dragon Azteca Jr. (1-0)

Azteca Jr.’s quick-hitting style somehow feels different in a Temple that’s filled with guys who love to flip all over the place. It feels more like he’s doing martial arts than wrestling and that’s a thing that I can dig. At the very least, he’s doing something different, which lets him stand out. That’s pretty impressive for a guy who just picked up his first victory in Lucha Underground.

2) Prince Puma (3-1)

Puma is still THE GUY for Lucha Underground. He’s the face of the company and is going to be featured prominently anytime he’s on the card. Which makes me wonder why Puma and not Azteca picked up the pin in their Trios match. It’s splitting hairs, but Puma doesn’t need to make people believe he’s legitimate. Maybe they’re saving Azteca’s big pin for the moment the team wins the Trios tournament.

1) Matanza (3-0) – Lucha Underground Champion

Still the champ. Still super scary. Still in a cage. Matanza has become one of the most intimidating wrestlers in the business in just three weeks of work. You can’t book a monster champion any better.

Lucha Undergound – Episode 11 Power Rankings

Lucha Underground, Wrestling

This week saw the start of a new Trios tournament by way of a fun match between the teams of The Mack, Mariposa, and Marty “The Moth” and Joey Ryan featuring The Crew. However, that wasn’t the most exiting Trios-related moment of the episode. That distinction belongs to the announcement that Prince Puma was joining the team of Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca Jr. And when I say announcement, I mean that Prince Puma ACTUALLY SPOKE Y’ALL! Okay, so it was just a few words and it wasn’t really compelling, but it was the first words we’ve ever heard from the former champion, so it felt significant regardless of the content.

Speaking of vignettes, how great was Killshot’s backstory spotlight? I’ve always been a fan of Killshot’s in-ring work, but he’s been lacking any reason for us to care about him. After that two minute story, I’m infinitely more interested in what this guy brings to the table; though he does need to work on his delivery quite a bit if he plans to push into the main event.

The rest of the episode consisted of solid match between Ivelisse and Kobra Moon and a title contest between Matanza and Fenix that felt like much more of a match than Matanza’s previous efforts. I love how well they’re building Matanza as an unstoppable monster and thought Fenix did a great job of selling pain when he hit Matanza. It’s a small touch that can go a long way toward upped Matanza’s credibility. I’m very interested to see where they after Mil Muertes’ run-in. You have to figure that Muertes and Matanza are headed to a match, but I think it’s a mistake if Matanza doesn’t retain his title. He has red-hot heat right now and they need to ride his winning streak out for the foreseeable future. In fact, I’d be very surprised if Matanza loses his strap (or a match) before Ultima Lucha II.

How do these developments shake up my power rankings? Read on to find out.

10) Pentagon Jr. (1-3)

Pentagon didn’t get a spot on the show this week, which is likely a move to help sell his beat-down at the hands of Matanza last week. When he does return, I wonder where he’ll fit into the story. I know we saw a backstage scene between Dario Cueto and Ian Hodgkinson. Is that signaling that Vampiro will take on Matanza? Or will the master bring back his greatest pupil with some sort of newfound power? No matter what, Pentagon is always a guy to watch.

9) The Mack (1-2)

If you read these power rankings, you know I’m an unabashed fan of The Mack. He has the best facials expressions of anyone in the business and his athleticism would be off the charts even if he didn’t look like that guy you always see in McDonalds. His Trios performance was fun as always and he managed to get in both a stunner and a huge dive. All in a days work for The Mack.

8) Fenix (3-2)

Fenix lost his title this week, but he seemed to put more of fight against Matanza than Pentagon did last week. You have to wonder where he goes from here. He doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to the front of the line for title shots, so I’m guessing he joins forces with Drago and Aerostar in the Trios tournament.

7) Cage (2-1)

Cage’s lack of TV time isn’t going to last long. He’s been slowly built as the biggest babyface beast in the company, effectively making him “the guy” that might have a chance to topple Matanza. Expect to see him in the main event scene very, very soon.

6) Mil Muertes (2-1)

Muertes became the first person to seemingly harm Matanza this week. His run-in was very stiff and looked great, which leads you to believe that those two can put on a great match. It stands to reason that Muertes will be the next person to challenge for the title; however, they might hold off on that because the contest between Dario’s brother and Catrina’s beast might work better as a “PPV-style match” (see: Grave Consequences in season one).

5) The Unlikely Trio (Ivelisse: 5-1, Son of Havoc/Angelico: 3-1)

Ivelisse had a solid match with Kobra Moon that led to her second singles victory of the season. This team will probably be kept low-key for the next few weeks while the Trios tournament plays out. It’s going to be  exciting to see what new challengers emerge for the reigning Trios Champions.

4) Dragon Azteca Jr.

Just a short vignette for Azteca this week, but it’s a good sign that they continue to find ways to get him on the broadcast regardless of his place on the card. That signifies that LU’s creative has big plans for this guy and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him facing Matanza at Ultima Lucha II.

3) Prince Puma (2-1)

Puma spoke you guys! It was great to finally hear the face of Lucha Underground utter an actual sentence. Oh, and he just joined Mysterio and Azteca for the Trios Tournament, so they’re probably winning, right?

2) Rey Mysterio Jr.

Not much to say about Mysterio that hasn’t already been said in the last two posts. Expecting big things from this team next week.

1) Matanza (2-0) – Lucha Underground Champion

I cannot get over how devastating and believable Matanza’s offense is. Outside of Pentagon Jr., I can’t think of anyone on the show who merges their moveset with their character so well. I could certainly get used to seeing Matanza crush people on my TV every week. As the crowd would say, “this guy is awesome”.

Lucha Underground – Episode Nine “Power Rankings”

Lucha Underground, Wrestling

Lucha Underground had their second annual Aztec Warfare battle royal for the LU championship belt this past week. It was a hard-hitting affair that featured 21 of Lucha Underground’s best grapplers and ended with Dario Cueto back on his throne and his brother as your new champion.

Because of the nature of the match, it’s proved difficult to put together a traditional power ranking. Instead, for one week only, I’d like to take a deeper dive into some of the wrestlers and storylines that intrigued me the most during Aztec Warfare. If you’re looking for my top ten, check the bottom of the post. For now, let’s examine some of the better parts of Aztec Warfare II.

Famous B Scouting Talent

We’ve seen a series of vignettes that painted Famous B as something of a “used wrestlers salesman” who was ready and willing to take on new clients and make them famous. B finally made his presence felt in the Temple this week, as he sat on the sidelines and appeared to be scouting this season’s crop of wrestlers. He gave his business card to Joey Ryan, spoke very positively of Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, and PJ Black, and told his lady friend “that’s what we want” when Fenix came to the ring with his title. Is Famous B about to become the Xavier Woods of a Lucha Underground stable? It would certainly be an upgrade from his jobber status of season one.

Mundo, Evans, and Black Become Fast Friends

Since I mentioned them, let’s talk about this trio seemingly joining forces during Aztec Warfare. It started with Black helping Evans take out Drago and culminated with Mundo hitting Cage over the head with a cinder block. We knew that The Unlikley Trio would need some new challengers following their title wins last week. It appears that we may just have our team.

However, you have to wonder if these three will first face a team of Drago, Aerostar, and another masked wrestler (Fenix?). We know that Drago and Aerostar have beef with Evans and Black, so adding Mundo and someone like Fenix to the mix makes sense if you’re looking to build a team to challenge The Unlikely Trio at Ultima Lucha.

Cage is One of the Best Booked Men in the Company

It’s no secret that I’m really sold on Cage’s ability to challenge for the top spot in Lucha Underground. He has the build and the moveset to make him a credible threat to either Muertes or Mataza. In fact, I’m convinced that Cage could work anyone on the roster and it would look like a million bucks.

It certainly seems like LU’s brass sees dollar signs in Cage. He was booked as an absolute beast in Aztec Warfare II. He shook off getting thrown through a glass window and looked like a legitimate threat to win until Johnny Mundo smashed a cinder block over his head. It was a dominating performance that demonstrated just how good Cage can be.

Plus, they kept him away from Mataza, effectively protecting both monsters, while also protecting a future match-up between LU’s two biggest powerhouses. Booking like this is what makes Lucha Underground as good as it is. They know how to put on compelling product, while protecting their guys and continuously setting up excellent matches for later in the season.

Mil Muertes’ Quick Exit and Pentagon Jr.’s Interference

I think most people were expecting Mil Muertes to play a major part in the finish of Aztec Warfare II. Pentagon Jr. disagreed.

Pentagon Jr. wasn’t given an invitation for the battle royal because he assaulted Muertes’ handler Catrina a few weeks ago. So, Pentagon decided to make his presence known in a different way, taking out the monster Muertes and costing him a shot at the LU title. It was a big statement by Pentagon Jr. and should lead to a devastating feud between him and Muertes. We know both of these guys work a brutal style and seeing them in something like a Grave Consequences match would be amazing.

My only question coming out of this new development is what happens to Prince Puma? He and Pentagon Jr. were embroiled in a feud that has lasted the entire season thus far. Was their three-way match against Muertes meant to be the blow-off to that feud? Or are they going to go their separate ways and come back for Ultima Lucha II in an attempt to keep the match-up fresh? It’s hard to say at this point, but you have to figure that Lucha Underground’s two biggest draws are going to find themselves dancing together at some point in season two.

Rey Mysterio Still Has It

That was a heck of debut, wasn’t it. Mysterio was the second person out for Aztec Warfare and the last person eliminated. It was a performance that called to mind Mysterio’s 2006 Royal Rumble win. He was active throughout, had a few big spots, picked up four eliminations, and generally looked like the Rey Mysterio of old.

However, even with his impressive showing in Aztec Warfare, I didn’t feel like Mysterio was the guy who should face Mataza for his title next (more on that in a second). Instead, Mysterio seemed more like the attraction that most veteran superstars tend to be in today’s wrestling world. Will he be in the ring next week? Or will he stay more on the sidelines, mentoring his apprentice and only coming out when it’s necessary?

I’m leaning toward more of the latter and believe that Mysterio’s in-ring presence will be relatively minimal this season. Look for him to step back behind the scenes next week, as he prepares himself to challenge Mataza in a month or two.

And Dragon Azteca Jr Has It


As mentioned above, I don’t think Mysterio is the first or best person to immediately challenge Mataza for his belt. Instead, I think it’s Dragon Azteca Jr. Sure, he’s a rookie with a single match under his belt, but he was one of only three wrestlers (the other two being Prince Puma and Rey Mysterio) to put up a real fight against the monster Mataza.

Of those three, I thought Dragon Azteca’s style had the best chance of taking Mataza down. His quick and furious strikes could believable fell the beast and thickly built enough that you could believe him getting up from multiple Mataza suplexes. I’m not saying he’ll take the title from Mataza, I just think he has a shot. That said, they might elect to keep him out of the title picture and focus on a storyline match that has more significance for the character. Who would that be against? Well, if you remember your Lucha Undergound history, Black Lotus killed El Dragon Azteca before going into hiding with Dario Cueto and Matanza. Could Dragon Azteca Jr.’s fate be to avenge his father’s death? It would certainly make a lot of sense.

No matter which way Dragon Azteca goes, you know he’s a wrestler we need to pay a lot of attention to moving forward.

Matanza Dominates

Just brutal. Absolutely brutal.

Matanza was the twenty-first entrant into Aztec Warfare and he quickly eliminated nine men to claim the Lucha Undergound title. Most of those men didn’t even put up a fight against the monster and those that did, were met with some of the most vicious suplexes and tosses that Lucha Underground has ever seen.

Dario Cueto’s brother is the real deal. He proved that Wednesday night. In his first ever showing, he proved to be the Devil’s beast, destroying competitors without mercy. Dario is the man the incredibly dark plan, but Matanza is the muscle that allows his brother the opportunity to call the shots. Catrina’s reign over the Temple is effectively over, and I believe we should all fear the new darkness that is coming with Cueto brothers back on top.

Power Rankings:

10) Texano (3-1)

9) The Unlikely Trio (Ivelisse: 3-1, Son of Havoc and Angelico: 2-1) Trios Champions

8) Mil Muertes (2-1)

7) Fenix (3-1)

6) Cage (2-1)

5) Dragon Azteca Jr. (0-0)

4) Pentagon Jr. (1-2)

3) Prince Puma (2-1)

2) Rey Mysterio (0-0)

1) Mataza (0-0) Champion


Lucha Underground – Episode 8 Power Rankings

Lucha Underground, Wrestling

Lucha Underground continues to get better and better. Both as a ridiculous wrestling show and a soap opera-like drama. This week, we saw two incredible matches and got some really quality out-of-the-ring scenes. And all of this is leading to, what looks to be, a game-changing Aztec Warfare next week. It’s a great time to be a Lucha Underground fan.

We have to start this recap/power ranking by talking about the scene between Fenix and Catrina. Apparently  Fenix has some sort of magic that Catrina wants. Also, they used to be lovers, but Catrina choose to be dead. Or something? And now Fenix might bring her back to life? Or she can never be brought back to life? I don’t know. I just know I want them to flesh out this backstory like right now.

After that scene, we saw The Unlikely Trio beat the Disciples of Death for the Trios Championship, which means they get to stay in the company. The match was really fun, but the title change wasn’t the biggest story here. Because, later in the episode, Mil Muertes killed the DoD, I think? Whatever actually happened, I know he beat them up a lot and then some electricity discharged from their body. To me, that signified that Mil had taken their life force to help him fight Fenix. This show is such dumb fun.

Before they got to the lackluster “Bull Rope” match between Chavo and Texano (please let this boring feud die), we were treated to the full scene that they used to tease the season. Every time I see Prince Puma punch through that heavy bag, I mark out hard. It’s such a cool visual and the full scene made it even better. Will Puma break away from his fight with Pentagon Jr. to fight Johnny Mundo? I sure hope not. I guess we’ll find out next week at Aztec Warfare. And I guess Rey Mysterio and his pupil will be making their debuts in that match. This is going to be huge.

Finally, we had the main event of the night. The title match between champion Mil Muertes and Gift of the Gods challenger Fenix. In terms of pure carnage, this bout drifted toward Pentagon Jr. vs. Vampiro at Ultima Lucha territory. It wasn’t as graphic, but the physicality and torture those two went through made it nearly as hard to watch.

This match was incredibly well-booked from start to finish. I loved how quickly the hinges came off and how vicious Muertes was from the jump. Those spears, in particular, were incredibly effective. And the way they put the belt on Fenix was picture perfect. Given Muertes size and death-defying powers, Fenix couldn’t just beat him straight up. By having him “steal one” they made it both believable and set up a great rematch down the line. Of course, that rematch might not mean as much now that Catrina has declared that Fenix will defend his title at Aztec Warfare. They have the chance to really make Fenix the top guy if he’s able to last through the entire 20-man gauntlet and retain his title. However, even if he does retain, there’s still the threat of Dario Cueto and his monster brother looming. What effect will they have on the final outcome of Aztec Warfare II? I cant’ wait to find out, but, for now, let’s get to the power rankings.

10) Texano (3-1)

Texano deserves better. Chavo’s matches are always sluggish and rarely interesting. This feud was no different. Texano obviously has talent (his AAA Mega Championship run is the longest in company history) and that makes me think that he’s being wasted in Lucha Underground. He’s only 31, so it’s not like he’s breaking down (unlike Chavo) and his body type makes him very different from much of the roster. He could become a great heel in LU, if given the chance. Here’s hoping for bigger things following this tilt with Chavo.

9) Johnny Mundo (2-0)

Mundo’s involvement in this episode was minimal. He just jawed at Puma for 30 seconds before Puma PUNCHED THROUGH A HEAVY BAG (I can’t stop watching that scene). The bigger news is that Aztec Warfare is next Wednesday and you know Mundo is going have one of those classic “Kofi Spots”. I can’t wait to see how he incorporates some of his parkour into the match next week.

8) Jack Evans (2-0)

Evans took the week off and you have to expect his part in Aztec Warfare will be minimal. That said, you can’t discount how great his heel work has been this season. He’s really bringing it in and out of the ring. When the Gift of Gods medallions get redistributed, you can expect to see Evans heavily in the running for that match.

7) King Cuerno (2-2)

Like Evans, Cuerno took a break this Wednesday. I still think he has a big part to play in the overall story of the season, but I’m becoming less certain with every episode. At first, I assumed Cuerno would become Catrina’s mercenary, who took out all of Mil Muertes’ enemies. However, Cuerno has been little used in backstage vignettes, which makes me think his part in the main event feud might be over. As an unabashed Cuerno fan, I hope that’s not the case, but I think his placement in Aztec Warfare will be telling.

6) The Unlikely Trio (Ivelisse: 3-1. Angelico/Son of Havoc: 2-1)

The Trio got their titles back in a decent match that saw Son of Havoc and Angelico really get their offense in. That said, this match felt like it was put on fast forward. Obviously, they had to make room for Fenix and Muertes match, you’d just like to see it not come at the expense of a match with so much potential. And now the DoD is probably dead, so, who does The Unlikely Trio feud with now? Are we looking at another Trios tournament?

5) Prince Puma (2-1)

I mean, right? Puma is, along with Pentagon Jr. the face of Lucha Underground. He’s going to be on this list until someone takes the spot from him. I expect he’ll be firmly in the final four at next weeks Aztec Warfare.

4) Pentagon Jr. (1-2)

See: Puma, Prince.

3) Cage (2-1)

Cage can’t win Aztec Warfare. He has too much unfinished business with Mundo at this point. That needs to have an actual blow-off before either guy moves onto another program (which makes Mundo’s interaction with Puma also pretty needless). When he does break from Johnny, I’m expecting big things from Cage. Unlike Fenix, Cage can go toe-to-toe with Lucha Underground’s resident monster and his style should bring the best out of Muertes. Look for a real heavyweight fight between those two in the future.

2) Mil Muertes (2-1)

The champ finally lost, but he looked like a million bucks in the process. Muertes’ spears was absolutely devastating and his Flatliner was one of the better finishers we’ve seen in LU to date. If you have to lose, that’s probably how you want to do it. Plus, he gets the last entry into next week’s Aztec Warfare II, making him the odds on favorite to win back his title. Things are still looking good for The Man of 1,000 Deaths.

1) Fenix (3-1)

Fenix finally made good on his Gift of the Gods win at Ultima Lucha by beating Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground championship. It was an incredible match that saw both competitors doing everything right. From Mil’s previously mentioned spears to Fenix ripping off Muertes mask, this was as good of an in-ring story as you’ll get. Now we get to see just how hard Fenix will be pushed. If I was a betting man, I would say Fenix will technically win Aztec Warfare and then Dario Cueto’s brother will appear to immediately challenge Fenix. Then, a very exhausted Fenix will lose the title after being dominated by Cueto’s sibling. Regardless of what ultimately happens, next week is shaping up to be quite an episode.

Lucha Underground Season 2 – Episode 7 Power Rankings

Lucha Underground, Wrestling

Through six episodes, Lucha Underground is really bringing out the big guns early and often. Last week, we saw a ladder match between Fenix and King Cuerno that brought the house down and this week we got a three-way dance between Pentagon Jr., Prince Puma, and Mil Muertes for the championship strap. Add in Fenix cashing in his Gift of the Gods belt next week and Aztec Warfare coming the week after that, and you have to wonder how they’ll top themselves as we move toward Ultima Lucha.

We started the episode with a very intriguing match between Marty the Moth and The Mack. The actual match was decent; certainly not the best we’ve seen from either competitor. Instead, the main talking point was the in-ring debut of Marty’s creepy stalker gimmick. I have to say, it’s working for him. When he stood behind Ring Announcer Melissa and flapped his arms, I thought, “They’re on to something with this.” I’m really interested to see how this plays out and can’t wait to see how his sister plays into the story in coming weeks. Hopefully the narrative between Marty, his sister, and Sexy Star continues for another month or so because it looks like it could really go places.

Following that, we were treated to a No DQ match between Cage and….Taya? Sometimes inter-gender matches don’t work (see: Angelico vs. Ivelisse), but I thought this one was alright, especially because it mostly just continued the Cage vs. Johnny Mundo feud. Cage is being booked as the second biggest monster in the company behind Mil Muertes and his program with Mundo is effectively grooming him for the main event. Johnny, for his part, is owning his cowardly heel gimmick right now and, because of the hard work each guy is putting in, Cage looks poised to shoot up the chart when he finally pins Mundo. I would expect this ends in a steel cage match somewhere down the line, as that seems to be the obvious path considering Mundo’s recent work. However it ends, these two can put on some real magic together.

In addition to some quality wrestling, I thought we got a few nice vignettes too. The bathroom scene with Jack Evans, PJ Black, Drago, and Aerostar was that perfect mix of ridiculous and awesome that makes LU such a joy to watch. I’m also slowly getting interested in whatever these Famous B commercials are building too. And, of course, Fenix’s vignette that detailed his childhood was fantastic. I really love it when LU sets up the backstories of their main event stars. It gives everything that’s happening the ring a little more weight.

The main event of the night was the previously mentioned three-way dance between Pentagon Jr., Prince Puma, and Mil Muertes for Muertes’ championship belt. I really loved the booking in this match. All three guys got in some solid offense and there were moments where you could believe anyone winning. The finish was the real masterpiece though. Throughout the match I was wondering who would eat the pin if Muertes won. It seemed like a mistake to make Pentagon or Puma look “weak”, considering their high-profile, ongoing feud. So, by having Muertes pin both men, they made him look like an absolute powerhouse and kept people wanting to see more from Pentagon and Puma. It was perfect booking and having Fenix come in to cash in his Gift of the Gods was just the icing on the cake.

Let’s see how those three matches and the vignettes shook up the power rankings this week.

10) The Unlikely Trio (Ivelisse: 2-1. Angelico and Son of Havoc: 1-1)

No match for these three this week, but they did feature in a short vignette that revealed that, if the Trio loses their rematch for the Los Trios belts next week, their time in Lucha Undergound is over. Usually, when a stipulation like that is thrown down, you know the team is going to win. However, Dario Cueto threw Drago out of the Temple last year when he lost his retirement match, so who really knows? Could Mil Muertes and his Disciples of Death lose all their titles next week? It’s going to be fun to watch.

9) Marty the Moth (1-0)

I love (LOVE) what they’re doing with Marty right now. He’s perfect as a weird, creepy stalker with an even weirder sister. This story feels big time right now and I hope they keep it up for at least another month. I can’t wait to see where they take us with this one.

8) Johnny Mundo (2-0)

Mundo slips down my rankings because his character doesn’t appear to be a threat to win anything right now. That said, Mundo is doing a great job as the cowardly heel who will (hopefully) help build up the young monster that is Cage. Mundo is so over that no loss will ever really hurt him. Thus, I’m betting that they’ll put Cage over Mundo relatively soon and let him slide into the main event, while Johnny’s talents are used against someone like Jack Evans.

7) Jack Evans (2-0)

Speaking of”The Dragonslayer”, Evans didn’t have a match this week, but he did leave a mark on the proceedings. Evans’ vignette perfectly summed up what makes Lucha Underground so great. It’s that mix of dumb fun, great characters, and ridiculous situations that put the show over the top (plus the great wrestling, of course). And it doesn’t get much dumber and ridiculous than Evans and PJ Black nun-chuck fighting Drago and Aerostar in a bathroom. More of that please.

6) King Cuerno (2-2)

Cuerno wasn’t even on the show this week. However, I can’t help wondering how he’ll play into the overall narrative of the season. He had some sort of working relationship with Catrina and Mil Muertes from the jump and I wonder if that will play into Fenix’s cash in next week. Could Cuerno interfere and cost Fenix his title shot? It certainly doesn’t feel out of the question and it’s something I’m watching for next week.

4 (tie) Pentagon Jr. (1-2) and Prince Puma (2-1)

Following their loss to Muertes, it feels virtually impossible to separate these two. And that’s fitting because these two look to be locked in an eternal battle. Pentagon and Puma are so much more over than anyone on the roster that their matches might as well be the show’s title picture, even if Muertes is technically the champion. This is the biggest thing going for Lucha Underground and I’m excited to see where they go from here. Hopefully it involves their respective mentors, Vampiro and Konnan.

3) Cage (2-1)

As mentioned above, Cage had a monster win over Taya that saw him overcome blatant cheating from Johnny Mundo and his lady friend. To be honest, when he no-sold Mundo hitting him with glass bottles, I marked out a little bit. This guy has everything you’re looking for in a typical, North American main event player. It’s just a matter of time before he challenges for the title.

2) Fenix (2-1)

If you’ve ever read these posts, you know that I’m super high on Fenix. I think he has the best shot of anyone from Lucha Underground to carve out a WWE career if he wants to. He is the next Rey Mysterio and his talent in the ring (specifically the air above and around the ring) is incredible to watch. If I was starting my own wrestling company, Pentagon Jr. would be the first guy I’d take from Lucha Underground, but his brother Fenix would be very close behind.

1) Mil Muertes (2-0)

Muertes not only retained his title, but he did so in dominant fashion. He pinned both of his opponents in their three-way match and he looked like an absolute beast doing it. Who knew Mil had a flying crossbody? At this point, you really have to wonder just who is going to knock this guy off of the top of the mountain. Fenix has an outside shot, but, if Pentagon and Puma couldn’t do it, I worry about his chances. The rosters best bet might be if Muertes puts his title on the line for Aztec Warfare, because, at this point, it’s hard to see anyone beating “The Man of 1,000 Deaths”.

Lucha Underground Season 2 – Episode 6 Power Rankings

Lucha Underground, Wrestling

I’ve been having a crazy weekend, so I’m just posting my power ranking order this week without comment. It’s mostly for tracking purposes, as I doubt anyone wants to read this with no commentary, but I hope to get things settled after today and get back to full writeups this weekend.

10) Texano (2-1)

9) The Unlikely Trio (Ivelisse: 2-1, Angelico and Son of Havoc: 1-1)

8) Jack Evans (2-0)

7) King Cuerno (2-2)

6) Cage (1-1)

5) Johnny Mundo (2-0)

4) Prince Puma (2-0)

3) Pentagon Jr. (1-1)

2) Fenix (2-1)

1) Mil Muertes (1-0)

Lucha Underground Season 2 – Episode 5 Power Rankings

Lucha Underground, Wrestling

The fifth episode of Lucha Underground’s second season didn’t quite live up to the lofty expectations built from the first four episodes, but it did feature some solid wrestling and interesting plot development.

Jack Evans continues to get over as one of the better heels in the company. His in-ring mic work is as good as anyone in LU and he really knows how to bring it in the ring. It’s interesting to see PJ Black (someone who just debuted a few weeks ago) so quickly slotted into the position of the secondary character in Evans and Drago’s feud. However, they did this a lot last year with guys like The Mack, who eventually broke out in a big way. I’ll be interested to see where these three men go from here. Black probably needs his own feud, while Drago and Evans need a longer match to really get this story revved up.

The King Cuerno vs. Killshot match was fairly forgettable. Both guys performed well in the ring, as usual, but the story wasn’t memorable. That should pick up next week with Cuerno defending his Gift of the Gods belt against Fenix. The Texano vs. Chavo and the Crew match was also pretty bland. Having Chavo cheat to win is predictable, though effective. This feud isn’t bad, it’s just extremely tame in comparison to most of the others on the show. We know Texano can bring it because of his time in AAA, but he hasn’t really shown that same spark in his LU run.

The main event between Cage and Johnny Mundo was a high quality affair that saw some good back-and-forth between two of LU’s best performers. I didn’t love the finish because I would’ve liked to see Cage go over clean and begin his ascension to the top of the card, but the inevitable rematch could take this one to the next level. We haven’t seen anything too crazy in the ring through the first five episodes and both Mundo and Cage can do some incredible stuff. Thus, I’m looking for a big spot-fest when these two meet again, with Cage going over and moving on to challenge either Prince Puma or Mil Muertes.

I would be remiss to not mention all the crazy vignette work going on in this episode. Catrina showing off her mystical death powers was a treat, but Dario Cueto’s monologue that told the tale of how his brother killed their mother was the obvious highlight. We’re obviously leading into an epic showdown between Cueto’s brother and Mil Muertes, so I love when they do things like this to build up the younger Cueto without actually showing him. The second he hits the ring, he’s going to be the biggest monster heel in the company and I can’t wait.

Anyways, on to the rankings.

10) Texano (2-1)

As mentioned above, I’m not super high on Texano right now. He’s been pretty bland thus far in his run with LU and Chavo isn’t a compelling opponent. That said, I’m still open to their feud taking us places and believe that Texano has “it” due to his AAA run. I’m slotting him here because I believe he has a big part in this season and he almost won a three-man gauntlet challenge. Think of this as me giving him the chance to really impress me.

9) The Unlikely Trio (Ivelisse: 2-1. Son of Havoc and Angelico: 1-1)

The Trio didn’t get a match this week, but they are set up to challenge the Disciples of Death for the Trios Titles within the next few weeks. I’m thinking we’re slowly building to this season’s “Aztec Warfare” moment and somewhere around the 10th episode mark we’ll have a mega-card that includes: The Unlikley Trio vs. The Disciples of Death, Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr., Cage vs. Johnny Mundo, and Dario Cueto’s brother vs. Mil Muertes.

8) Jack Evans (2-0)

Evans is so great at being that slimy, ultra-hateable heel that it’s almost not fair. His match with PJ Black didn’t exactly tear the roof off , but it did move forward the Evans vs. Drago storyline while keeping those two away from each other. That’s effective booking that makes the crowd really pine for Drago’s inevitable beatdown of Evans.

7) Fenix (1-1)

Next week will be Fenix’s chance to shine, as he looks to get back his Gift of the Gods title from Cuerno. Not much to say about Fenix this week, as he was barely in the show. Episode six should tell us a lot about where both Fenix and Cuerno are going this season.

6) King Cuerno (2-1)

Cuerno continues to be one of the more impressive performers during the early parts of the season. Outside of Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr., I’m not sure if anyone has been featured more often. You have to assume that means they’ll be going back to him often throughout the season. His feud with Fenix is second best going (just behind Puma and Pentagon), and his collaboration with Catrina makes him a real power player. I’m hoping for big things from Cuerno over the next few months.

5) Mil Muertes (1-0)

Still has a broken arm. Still in charge of the promotion. Still has Catrina and her rock. Still the Champion. Moving on.

4) Cage (1-1)

The Machine they call Cage may have picked up a devastating (and controversial) loss to Johnny Mundo this past week, but I don’t think it hurts him too much. If anything, it gives him a main event-caliber feud to continue building his skills. Of the guys who worked in the upper mid-card last season, I think Cage has the most potential as a main event player. He obviously has the look, and he can also do some incredible things in the ring. Really, the only thing thing he currently lacks in a great promo. That said, I would be surprised if Cage isn’t firmly in the main event picture at Ultima Lucha 2.

3) Johnny Mundo (2-0)

Mundo grabbed a cheap win against Cage, which, as mentioned, likely signals a continuation of their feud. As someone who likes Mundo, but doesn’t love him in the title picture, I think this is something I can live with. He’s going to bring in casual eyeballs, so putting him in a program with a young up-and-comer like Cage is the best use of his talents.

2) Pentagon Jr. (1-1)

Pentagon had a pretty quiet episode five, only appearing in a Catrina vignette to ask for a rematch with Puma. I wonder if booking that match for next week is a good idea, given that Fenix and King Cuerno will also be having a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods. Could it be too much for one show? Both of those matches could use about 15 minutes to really get going and LU usually only features one longer match per episode. Here’s hoping they can pull it off.

1) Prince Puma (2-0)

Puma stays on top as the de facto #1 contender for Mil Muertes’ title. Of course, that’s not really where he’s being pushed. If any two competitors are past needing a title to fight over, it’s Puma and Pentagon. I’m hopeful that they keep the strap away from these two and just let their blood feud exist on its own. When both guys are this good, you don’t need a title. Just let Puma and Pentagon destroy each other every other week and I’ll be more than happy.

Lucha Underground Season 2 – Episode 4 Power Rankings

Lucha Underground, Wrestling


Lucha Undergound’s fourth episode kicked off with a solid (though somewhat short) trios match between the Unlikely Trio (Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc) and Chavo Guerrero and the Crew. Matches like these are why I think LU is putting out the best wrestling product in the business right now. Out of that one match, we actually built up three different storylines. The Unlikely Trio gets to continue their quest to take back their Trios Titles from the Disciples of Death. Chavo has his next feud set up after Texano’s after-match run-in. And we got to see some development of the Cortez and Joey Ryan are cop luchadors storyline. Compare that to a place like the WWE where we’re lucky to have a match build one storyline and you can see why people are so excited about what LU is putting out there.

Another thing I really love about LU’s style of booking is that, because they only have three matches per episode, they don’t really have jobbers. Look at the match between Cage and Joey Ryan. Ryan got to debut against a main event player and was immediately booked as a legitimate threat to Cage. Obviously, Cage needed the win heading into his tilt with Johnny Mundo; however, they let Ryan get some real offense in, which tells the audience that this guy is legit. There are tiers in LU, but they aren’t as rigid as in other companies. People like Ryan or Killshot a few weeks ago can get in there and challenge the best LU has to offer. This might make it harder for one or two guys to be loved (which is arguable), but it means your roster is super strong and if someone gets hurt, you have plenty of guys who can easily take his spot.

The final match of the evening was a pretty great main event between Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma. These are the two biggest main event players in Lucha Underground and they showed it here. You would’ve liked to see them go for a few more minutes and build something special; however, I think it’s smart to save that for somewhere down the line. Following that finish (which I really loved and don’t think I’ve seen before), I have a feeling these two are going to need some type of stipulation match down the line. Also, you have to assume that, with the number of times they hard-cut to Vampiro, that the luchadors mentors are going to play into the story soon. I’m excited to see where they go from here, but for now, let’s get to this week’s power rankings.

10) Jack Evans (1-0)

The last time Evans was on our television screen, it looked like they were building him up for a potential run at something significant. Unfortunately, he hasn’t really been involved in the backstage vignettes, so who knows? I’ll leave him here for one more week.

9) The Mack (1-0)

The Mack just barely snuck into the fourth episode, appearing in the final stinger vignette and coming to the aid of Sexy Star. The Mack didn’t look to have an obvious feud his last time out, but maybe now he and Marty “The Moth” will enter into a program? It could be interesting, especially if “The Moth’s” craziness carries over into the ring.

8)  The Unlikely Trio (Ivelisse: 2-1, Angelico and Son of Havoc: 1-1)

The Unlikely Trio got themselves back into contention for the Trios Titles this week with a solid match against Chavo and the Crew. Angelico looked the most impressive in this one, though Son of Havoc continues to be one of the most technically creative wrestlers on the roster. Ivelisse didn’t get much shine here, but the match wasn’t really long enough for all three of them to show off. Can they beat the Disciples of Death? And will Ivelisse ever get a match against Catrina? Hopefully we find out soon.

7) Fenix (1-1)

Fenix wasn’t on the card this week and that’s probably a good thing. LU is great because guys can come and go and the audience starts to really want to see their favorites back. And, it’s not like Fenix isn’t in one of the more intriguing feuds of the season with King Cuerno. I fully expect this to be one of the bigger ongoing feuds of the first half of the season. Both of those guys are great and they deserve as much time in the spotlight as possible.

6) King Cuerno (1-1)

Copy-and-paste what I said about Fenix here. These two are tied at the hip right now and I love it. Though, I would like to see them expound on exactly what Cuerno’s relationship with Mil and Catrina is. They’ve given hints, but I’m starting to want some real answers.

5)  Johnny Mundo (1-0)

Mundo is in a somewhat awkward spot after this week. He’s been playing up his skill in his promos, but continues to be shown as weaker than Cage. Heck, he couldn’t even keep Cage down when he attacked him after “The Machine’s” match with Joey Ryan. I would rather Mundo slip back into the mid-card for at least part of the season, so I’m hopeful that Cage goes over in their match next week. That said, Mundo is super over and a guy that can bring in fans because of his time in WWE. I’m very interested to see where they go with Mundo over the next few weeks.

4) Mil Muertes (1-0)

Muertes continues to be your Lucha Underground champion, the head booker, and have a broken arm. He’s really not doing much on TV, except he’s also doing everything. Puma seems to be ready to have a rematch for his belt, but will Muertes and Catrina let him? I’m not so sure.

3) Cage (1-0)

Cage picked up a big win against Joey Ryan, but next week will really show us where he stands with the company. As mentioned above, I’m betting on Cage going over on Mundo and taking his place as the #1 contender behind Puma. That said, Mundo is much more bankable, so maybe Cage needs more time in the mid-card scene. Either way, I see big things for Cage in season two of Lucha Underground.

2) Pentagon Jr. (1-1)

Pentagon Jr. ate the loss to Prince Puma; however, it was barely a loss. You have to figure that Pentagon is going to demand a rematch next week, as Puma’s win was questionable. That said, Pentagon is so over that it almost doesn’t matter how he comes out of this feud. When he enters the ring, magic happens and he’s going to be one of the most talked about guys in the company no matter who he’s feuding with.

1) Prince Puma (2-0)

Puma picked up a big win against Pentagon Jr. and set himself up for a rematch with Mil Muertes for the title. Of course, before that can happen, you have to assume that Pentagon will want to meet Puma in the ring one more time. And really, that should happen. Puma beat Pentagon, but it was a little flukey. A more decisive win for either competitor should go a long way to impressing Muertes. Either way, this feud isn’t finished yet. Expect to see a lot of these two over the next few weeks.


Lucha Underground Season 2 – Episode 3 Power Rankings

Lucha Underground, Wrestling

Lucha Underground’s third episode saw the return of a few familiar to the Temple, along with the debut of an all-new woman luchadore. Add in a must-see “Last Lucha Standing” match between King Cuerno and Fenix, and you have yourself quite an episode.

I was slightly down on PJ Black’s debut last week and I feel similar to Kobra Moon’s arrival. She was fine in her match against Bengala, but didn’t really strike me as too special on first blush. And, with the way they booked Sexy Star last season, it’s going to take more than a match against Bengala before I start to believe that the LU brass will actually let a woman be an actual threat to the men on a weekly basis. That said, it was just one match, so Moon could definitely grow into a solid talent.

I was really glad to see Drago back in the Temple. He was one of my favorites last year (mostly because he’s a literal dragon, but he’s also not a bad wrestler); however, he was certainly upstaged by Jack Evans. Evans debuted last in season one and didn’t really get too many opportunities to prove himself. So, it was refreshing to see him really dig into his heel character and to get so much microphone time, which signals that they may have bigger plans for Evans moving forward.

And in the main event, we saw Fenix get back his win (but not his Gift of the Gods) in a really solid “Last Lucha Standing” match against King Cuerno. It’s early in the season, but I can easily see that match hang on as one of the top ten matches of the season. That last spot was especially devastating. I expect we’re going to be seeing a lot of these two through at least the first half of the season. They’ve been putting a considerable amount of promo time into this feud and it’s paying off in the ring. I know I’m very intrigued to see where Catrina and Cuerno go from there.

On to the rankings.

10) Ivelisse (1-0)

Ivelisse continues her downward trend based solely on what other people are doing around her. I said last week that I didn’t think she’d stick here very long because she’s just not a credible singles competitor right now and that’s holding true. I would be surprised if we didn’t see her back with the Unlikely Trio next week, as they’ve been had a very minor presence on the show thus far and you know LU wants to capitalize on Son of Havoc’s babyface love at some point. Look for the Trio to be back and potential split before the midpoint of the season.

9) Jack Evans (1-0)

Evans’ arrival back on the scene almost stole the show in the second episode. He and Drago put on a solid match, but it was Evans’ end of the match promo that sold me on him being a real player in season two. We all know he can go in the ring and it’s always been evident that he could talk; however, it’s taken awhile for him to get the greenlight. That seemed to happen last week and I’m interested to see where they take him over the next few months.

8) The Mack (1-0)

The Mack is my personal favorite wrestler in LU. That doesn’t mean he’s “the best” or that he’ll ever seriously challenge for the title. It just means that I miss him dearly when he doesn’t make it into an episode. Sadly, it doesn’t appear as if he’ll be a major player in the first part of this season.

7) Cage (0-0)

Cage is in an interesting position after last week. He entered into a feud with, arguably, LU’s most bankable and recognizable star from season one Johnny Mundo and seems poised to challenge for Mil Muertes’ championship. His inevitable matchup with Mundo will tell us a lot about The Machine’s path going forward.

6) Johnny Mundo (1-0)

Mundo is, obviously, very similar to Cage. He could be making a main event push to start the season or he might just be there to put the younger guy over. Either way, you have to assume Mundo will be a mainstay of season two, just like last season. Mundo is simply too recognizable to the casual audience to keep him off the card for very long. I’m hoping Cage goes over Mundo and Mundo enters into a really good mid-card feud like last year’s series between Aerostar and Drago.

5) Mil Muertes (1-0)

Mil remains the champion and the head booker of Lucha Underground. That’s a pretty powerful position for anyone, let alone the “Man of 1,000 Deaths”. That said, they haven’t really done much with him thus far. They probably don’t have to, given how much he was able to do last year in relatively limited appearances; however, it’s weird to see the champion move so far onto the sidelines. I’m guessing that we’ll move to a collision between Cueto and Catrina soon and a battle will happen between their champions to decide who runs the Temple.

4) Fenix (1-1)

Fenix roared back into our hearts with an awesome “Last Lucha Standing” match against King Cuerno. They really played up Cuerno’s ability in LLS matches after his epic showdown with Drago last year, so it says a lot that Fenix was able to take him out. You don’t build something up that much to make it not mean anything. This all seems to be heading toward a grudge match for the Gift of the Gods’ championship in a few weeks and I can’t wait to see what these two have in store.

3) King Cuerno (1-1)

Cuerno lost to Fenix this week, but I’m keeping him above him in the rankings because he’s still holding championship gold (medallions?). That could change in the next few weeks, but, I think it’s safe to say that the people behind LU have big plans for Cuerno this season. He’s been featured too heavily for this to be his only major feud of the year. Depending on how the storylines go, I’m hoping for a match between Cuerno and Mil at Ultima Lucha.

2) Prince Puma (1-0)

Puma wasn’t on the show this and that’s probably a good thing. He’s always going to be one of their bigger stars; however, getting a break from him will only make everyone love him more when he comes back. Hopefully when he does make his comeback, it’s in a program between himself and Pentagon Jr. I would also be totally fine if Konnan and Vampiro got involved.

1) Pentagon Jr. (1-0)

Pretty much copy-and-paste Puma’s write-up here. These two are destined to have a huge matchup at some point this season and I can’t wait. Maybe if Puma wins he can take the top spot from Pentagon Jr. Maybe.



Lucha Underground Season 2 – Week 2 Power Rankings

Lucha Underground, Wrestling

I finally tore myself away from The Witness today and watched the latest episode of Lucha Underground and I was certainly not disappointed (though every second away from Jonathan Blow’s latest masterpiece is torture. Who needs sleep?) We had the in-ring debut of PJ Black (formerly Justin Gabriel, if you didn’t know), the return of The Mack and Johnny Mundo, and a few vignettes that teased future debuts of interesting and exciting characters.

With all these great performers in LU, it gets tough to put together power rankings. That said, I started doing it last week and might as well continue. Let’s get down to it.

Notes: There’s a few guys that I couldn’t get into the power rankings, but need to be spoken about. PJ Black’s debut was a little sloppy against The Mack. He slipped on a few moves and just didn’t look “clean” overall. Of course, he also possesses that high-flying style that fits in so well with the Temple, so he should slide into a solid role during this season. Here’s hoping that it was just nerves and he picks it up in his next match.

I’m super interested to see where the Marty “The Moth” vs. Sexy Star storyline goes. Who knew that Marty could be this creepy after what he brought to the table in season one? I’m also very ready to catapult Rey Mysterio’s protege into the power rankings when he makes his mark on the show. That story seems primed to the main storyline of the season.

Okay, with that off my chest, on to the rankings.

10) Fenix (0-1)

Fenix wasn’t on the show this week, but that’s pretty commonplace for Lucha Underground. Guys come and go because they only have an hour, which makes you want them more. And that’s why I have Fenix (among others) on the list. His match to open the season against King Cuerno was pretty great and the vignette between Cuerno and Catrina after the match suggests that there’s more here than just Cuerno taking the Gift of the Gods’ title. I’m banking on Fenix coming back in a big way within the next two weeks. If anyone can translate their Lucha Underground success into a WWE career, I think it’s Fenix, and it would be a mistake to not make him a big player in season two.

9) Killshot (0-1)

Killshot is probably never going to a main event player. His character is pretty minimal. Really, all we know about him is that he’s tall (thanks, Matt Striker). However, I was very impressed during his match with Johnny Mundo. Killshot was a pretty solid high-flyer last season, but no where near this level. He was all over the place and everything looked great. The card is stacked, so I’m not sure if it’s even possible, but I’m ready to see more of who Killshot is. Could that match be a signal of things to come? Or will Killshot be back to jobber status next week? Time will tell.

8) Ivelisse (1-1)

I’m leaving Ivelisse on the rankings this week because of her great showing in the first episode. I assume she’ll drop off these rankings soon because I can’t see her sticking as a main event player. Of course, given how well last season turned out for her, I don’t know if that’s necessarily a bad thing.

7) The Mack (1-0)

I’m a huge Mack fan and totally thought he would have to eat a pin against the debuting PJ Black. Imagine my surprise when Mack pulled out that surprise win. I don’t think Mack is ever going to challenge for LU’s championship, but he’s an incredible worker. Not many guys can do what he does, especially with all the extra weight he’s carrying around. However, the most impressive thing about Mack isn’t his in-ring repertoire, it’s the way he emotes. No one tells a better story with his eyes than Mack and you get more storytelling out of just watching his face than many wrestlers can tell with their entire body. It’s awesome to watch and one of the many reasons I’m so high on The Mack.

6) Cage (0-0)

Did Cage just insert himself into the title picture without even wrestling a match? It sure seemed like it. I never thought Cage was a good promo in season one, but he showed something in episode two. Obviously, he’s a got a look that Vince McMahon would drool over and his ability in the ring is unquestioned. The only thing he was missing was good mic skills and it looks like he might’ve picked those up. It will be telling to see which way LU goes if they put Cage and Mundo into a program together. I would prefer to see Cage go over and inject some new blood into the main event scene, but you can’t go wrong with either guy.

5) King Cuerno (1-0)

Still the Gift of the Gods’ champion. Still has me intrigued because of his “deal” with Catrina and Mil Muertes. Please come back for episode three!

4) Mil Muertes (1-0)

Muertes’ arm is in a sling and it doesn’t look like he’ll be wrestling for at least another three weeks if the usual timeline LU has with Pentagon Jr.’s victims stays in tact. I think it’s weird that Catrina’s rock didn’t just fix Mil automatically and someone was actually able to injure him. How powerful is that rock? And what kind of league lets their champion also book the matches? Things sure are Dark and Mysterious at Lucha Underground (I just got the pun that they were referencing Rey in that title. Wow, I’m dumb).

3) Johnny Mundo (1-0)

Mundo always puts on a show when he comes into the Temple and this week was no different. I’m happy to see them continue his heel push, as that’s really where Mundo works best. I think he and Jack Evans could make a solid tag team; however, it looks like he has some business with Cage. Mundo is in a weird spot for me because I think he’s a great performer and don’t mind seeing more of him, but I’d rather see the younger, fresher guys more. Oh well, the beauty of LU is that we’re likely to get both.

2) Prince Puma (1-0)

Puma and Pentagon Jr. “teamed” to take on the Disciples of Death in a handicap match this week. I use quotes there because those two guys did not work well together. I kind of hate when two main event guys can be so dysfunctional and still beat the promotion’s best tag team, but it mostly made sense here. It’s obvious that Puma and Pentagon have some beef with each other and you can’t put them in a match until it really matters. The idea here is to have them interact and fight each other without actually fighting. I just wish they’d gone against a team of jobbers (The Crew, anyone?) instead of the current Trios champions. Puma’s still got it, though.

1) Pentagon Jr. (1-0)

What isn’t there to love about Pentagon Jr.? He owns his character like no one else in the world and has tailored his in-ring style to perfectly suit his aggressive, dark personality. It really is a thing of beauty to watch this man work. And the best part is, it almost doesn’t matter who you put him with or what the situation is. He’ll always bring it and he’ll always completely steal the scene of any match he’s in. This guy gets it at the level of someone like Kevin Owens. He’s just on a completely differently level with his psychology and mannerisms and I can’t stop eating it up.