Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X -Week 8 Power Rankings


Another crazy week in both Survivor and Real Life. Posting this mostly for my own records. Hopefully will get back to actually writing about Survivor next week…

Requiem for a Michaela: This one seemingly came out of no where and I wonder if this will screw Jay over in the long run. He needed numbers with Figgy out of the game and he just lost two in Michaela and Hannah. Oh well, I didn’t see him actually winning this game anyways. Great moment though!

1) Adam Klein

2) Jay Starrett

3) David Wright

4) Ken McNickle

5) Zeke Smith


6) Chris Hammon


7) Jessica Lewis

8) Michelle Shubert

9) Taylor Stocker

10) Hannah Shapiro

11)  Will Wahl


12) Sunday Burquest

13) Bret LaBelle

Running Point Total: 35


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