Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X – Week 6 Power Rankings


Well, there you go. In four or five seasons of blogging about the game I’ve never had a winner pick go this early, but CeCe is officially out of the game following The Great Redistribution. Might as well get on with my queen’s requiem.

A Requiem for a CeCe Taylor: So, this was as obvious as the day is long. CeCe is a big minus in challenges and, though Chris is a fellow Gen Xer, you knew he had zero loyalty to the two people who had helped blindside him in back-to-back weeks. I have no idea why CeCe was so confident in her “majority” after the switch. Chris had every trait imaginable for someone who is about to flip and David’s only real loyalty is to himself. If the numbers aren’t there, neither is David.

This was an extremely weak alliance and CeCe’s confidence was supremely misplaced and misguided. I placed CeCe at 11 last week, so I’d have gained 11 points. Of course, I haven’t been blogging this season so my current total is….11 points.

Oh well, on to the rankings.

Jay Starrett: Jay slides into the top spot because I simply cannot see any way his tribe can afford to cut him this week. Ikabula would be dead in the water with Jay’s skills at camp-building and swimming. To stay away from Tribal Council, they need Jay. I think he’s safe until we merge back down to two tribes (or hit the real merge).

Chris Hammons: It might be a mistake to place Chris this high, but I really loved his move to flip his tribe and align with Zeke and Michelle. This lets him sort of decide what happens if they lose again next week. Obviously, David could throw a wrench into Chris’ plans with his idol (more on that in a second), but I see zero chance of Chris getting the boot.

David Wright: If Vanua loses immunity, David is the easy vote. Everyone there knows it. However, David has an idol and you can bet that he’ll be playing it. So, does he show the idol to Chris and maybe try to swing votes onto either Zeke or Michelle? Does he show the Millennials and jump on a chance to boot Chris? Or does he tell no one and just decide for himself who goes? This could turn into a very important week for Mr. Wright. Just not one that will see him going home.

Adam Klein: Adam still has the idol? He’s still on a tribe with Figgy? Okay, I think he’s good.

Taylor Stocker: I really thought we’d finally see Taylor and Figgy split last week and give us a chance to see what Taylor would be without her. Sadly, it didn’t happen and I think that’s probably good for Taylor’s game (?). I mean, it seems like Figgy is being seen as the brains behind their operation, thus Taylor should be safe if his duo is targeted. If I’m a FigTails fan, I’m much more worried about our girl Figgy.

Ken McNickle: We didn’t get to see much from Ken this week, but his role in the season’s overarching story still feels significant. It could be a swerve from the editors, but I venture to guess that Ken easily makes the merge.

Hannah Shapiro: Hannah was someone I’ve been worried about for awhile; however, I think she’s done a great job of slipping under the radar after seeming like someone who might get annoying on the island. Her anxious personality irked Zeke and Adam early, but we haven’t seen any more of that. A good sign for Hannah.

Zeke Smith: This week might be make or break for Zeke in Survivor. He hasn’t felt like a major player in the early goings, more of a “second fiddle” to some of the other players on his beach. However, with David making a potentially huge #BIGMOVE, we might get to see Zeke’s full game come out this week. I expect that he will out-maneuver his opponents and skate through the week, but I’m not completely confident, hence the lowish ranking.

Will Wahl: I’m not getting anything from Will. He’s had no screen time and is obviously not a factor in how this season shakes out. Maybe that changes this week, but I doubt it.

Jessica Lewis: I was concerned that Jessica take charge attitude might come out after the redistribution, so I was happy to see that my concerns were unneeded. That said, we haven’t been given evidence that Jessica will be here for long and I think she’s the easiest boot if Takali loses immunity.

Michelle Schubert: If Vanua loses immunity, you have to assume David plays his idol. I think he believes he can work with Zeke and maybe Chris moving forward, which leaves Michelle as the odd woman out. Plus, we know that, when Michelle is in trouble, she tends to push waaaay too hard. I think she’s gone soon.

Michaela Bradshaw: Michaela said in the pre-season that she struggles to control her emotions and we saw that this week. Will outbursts like that shoot her in the foot this week? Maybe not, but I’m betting it happens sooner, rather than later.

Bret LaBelle: Now that Bret doesn’t have Chris around, he’s become a much less compelling character. Sure, he was just Chris’ lackey in the early game, but now he’s much closer to being a bump on the log. Ikabula has a Millennial majority, meaning that both Bret and Sunday are in trouble.

Sunday Burquest: Sunday is firmly in the minority with Bret at Ikabula and, like Will, we have seen nothing from here. Sorry, Sunday!

Figgy: If you read this blog, you know my thoughts on Figgy. She’s an interesting player who lacks social awareness and has done an incredibly poor job of reading her tribe. Her relationship with Taylor is a mistake (in Survivor, I’m not judging them as an actual couple) and will likely cost her the game.

Running Total: 11 pts



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