Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X: Week 5 Power Rankings


So….Survivor is still thing! A thing I still watch and then rewatch every single week. A thing I really want to write about. Unfortunately, life (and World of Warcraft) have gotten in the way the last few weeks as I finish moving, start  new job, and play hours and hours of WoW. Now things are settled and it’s time to get back to making power rankings, but first…a Requiem for a Lucy!

Requiem for a Lucy Huang: Lucy got  very Monica Padilla in Second Chances adjace edit in her boot week. Like Monica, Lucy was completely invisible through the first of her season. She wasn’t even on the show, as far as viewers were concerned. Now, Lucy could have been doing things behind the scenes that we’ll never seen, but, as far as viewers are concerned, Lucy had no impact on the game through three weeks. So, when she suddenly became the most heavily edited player on the show, you knew she was getting her torch snuffed.

I will give her credit though. At least she got idoled out by David; unlike Monica who completely misread her tribe and went home in a classic 3-2-1 vote. That means Lucy was able to control most of her tribe and convince the person going home that the fake plan was legitimate. I’m not saying Lucy was a better player in this season than Monica was in hers, but I’m not not saying that…

Anyways, on to the rankings!

1) Adam Klein: Adam has to be this high because, with an idol in his pocket, there’s no way he’s going home this week. If he so much as sniffs a chance of the votes going his way, he’ll save himself and no one knows he has an idol, so they can’t purposefully blindside him. Plus, I firmly believe that Adam’s story is key to how this season plays out, making him a major player this season. I fully expect Adam to make Final 7, at least.

2) Jay Starrett: I wasn’t super high on Jay going into the season, but it only took a few weeks before I became a believer. He’s very aware of everything going on around him and makes great observations in his confessionals. I think he’s one to watch going forward.

3) Ken McNickle: Ken’s story still seems crucial to the overarching plot of the season. Plus, it would be a mistake to get rid of someone who so obviously excels in challenges this early.

4) Michelle Shubert: Michelle is locked to Jay right now and, with a swap coming, that could quickly change. That said, she’s already shown an ability to flip numbers her way, so I like her chances at surviving another week.

5) Michaela Bradshaw: Michaela’s social game has been lacking in subtlety, but she makes up for it with her ability to stay fluid with her vote. That “anyone but me” mentality could be her saving grace this week.

6) Zeke Smith: Zeke was a major character in the first four episodes and I don’t feel like we’re anywhere near the culmination of his arc. I think after Taylor and Figgy’s arc culminates, we’ll see much more of Zeke.

7) Taylor Stocker: Like I said, Taylor and Figgy have been THE storyline on Millennial beach and were the big talking point of this week’s swap. To me, that signifies that we should be worried about at least one member of the couple. Figgy is much less socially aware than her man, so I would not be surprised to see her go home this week. Additionally, Taylor has dominated the screen all season, leading me to believe that he plays a major part in how this season shakes out.

8) Chris Hammons: Chris started the season on top of his tribe and, given his personality, I think he’ll find himself in a similar place after the swap. This guy is a born leader and, while it won’t serve him after the swap, I think it keeps him safe for now.

9) Will Wahl: Will has been almost nonexistent in the edit this season. That signifies to me that he’s going to be gone in a random spot at about 12. The swap boot is usually a major player, so I don’t see Will going this weekend.

10) Sunday Burquest: Sunday feels like the older, female version of Will. She’s just…been there(?) this season. Neither feel like a player of significance.

11) CeCe Taylor: It’s sad to rank my preseason winner’s pick this low, but unfortunately, this is where we are. We haven’t really seen why she’s found herself on the bottom, we just know she is. For her, it all comes down to who she ends up with this week. She needs a new tribe to readjust her position on the ladder.

12) Hannah Shapiro: At this point, I’m looking at players who have a potentially grating personality when you first meet them. I’m not saying Hannah is a bad person or is hard to be around, but swaps come down to luck and first impressions. She’s very anxious and struggles to correctly read social cues. That puts her low on the list with a swap.

13) Jessica Lewis: Jessica can be bossy at times, which could hurt her if she ends up with a majority of Millennials on her new tribe.

14) Bret LaBelle: Bret is in the same place as Hannah and Jessica. I’m not saying he has a bad personality, just that it’s the type that could leave a bad first impression.

15) David Wright: David just played an idol. That tells people he’s here to play. If he ends up on a tribe with Chris and Bret, you can rest assured that he’ll need to scramble again. David needs some luck on his side to stick around after a bold Week 4 performance.

16) Figgy: The preview for Week 5 suggests that we need to be worried about this season’s showmance. Now, I’m not a huge believer in reading the edit; however, we know that Figgy is not self-aware of how she comes off. Thus, it’s not a huge stretch to see her losing her camp boyfriend and then getting booted by a tribe that doesn’t want to put up with her crap.

So, is Figgy your next boot? We’ll find out tonight! Let me know in the comments how terrible my rankings are and thanks for reading.


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